Realme Phones launches Made in Bangladesh

Realme, a sub-brand of China-based Oppo, wants to establish itself in the smartphone market in Bangladesh, like India, at affordable prices. The company has started the market in the country with the smartphone 'Made in Bangladesh'.

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Realme announced their phone launch in Bangladesh at on Monday. At this time, Nealon Shi, director of branding for South East and South Asia in Realme, says Realme will sell smartphones at competitive prices while maintaining quality with other brands.

Along with e-commerce in the country, the company plans to sell mobiles on offline. Of this, there is a plan to expand the business outside Dhaka, including establishing a brand shop in Dhaka Bangladesh.

More emphasis is being put on Realme 5G and AIOT technology. Neon Shi also said that besides the global market, smartphones as well as headphones and smartwatches will be brought to Bangladesh.

Realme sources say they have already set up factories in Gazipur. There are more than 20 employees working in three rows to create smartphones. Besides, the company is going to start business of more than ten hundred employees by setting up offices in the police plaza of the capital.

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The China-based company started operating on May 7 as an independent brand. In the first year of launching as an independent brand separating them from the Apo, they provided 2.5 million units of the smartphone.

This year, Realme wants to sell 5 million smartphones in India alone. Realme has been competing with Chinese brands Vivo and Oppo since the beginning of the market.

According to a report by Market Research Firm, International Research Corporation (IDC), Realme became the fourth leading smartphone brand in the third quarter of last year (July-September), occupying 5.7% of the Indian market, with Shaomi occupying the top spot with 26.5%. With.

Not only in the Indian market, but also in China, Realme has managed to capture 20 percent of Southeast Asia, Russia and Europe.

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