How to Search Any Image In Google Easily

In this age of the Internet, Google search is becoming more and more popular. Now almost all of us search Google for any kind of need. But many of us may not know how to do a Google search with an image.

For example, if you watched a short video clip of a movie on Facebook yesterday. You like the movie, you want to watch it again but you do not know what the name of the movie is and if you search by Google, you can find the movie.

By searching Google image, Google can understand what you are looking for, the image of the image which is related to your image will be seen in the search result. So let's not forget how to search Google image and find the desired result: -

You must first go to Google.Com in any browser. Then click on the right side menu bar and turn on the desktop mode of the mobile (if the computer is not required).

After you turn on the desktop mode, you will see an image option at the top.

Then click on the camera icon that appears next to the search icon. After clicking you can now see two options one is paste image URL and the other is upload an image.

Choose one of the options from here and search for the image you need. If you have a relatable image with your uploaded image in Google, then Google will bring that image to the top search result. And then you will know about that image or information.

And this is how Google has to search through the image. I hope you understand the whole article. If you still have any problem then let me know in the comment box below.

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