How To increase Website Traffic 100% Working Tricks

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We will show you the best and most effective way to bring traffic to the website. There are many of us who have opened websites or new YouTube channels. Today's post for them is that before bringing a visitor to the website or youtubechannel, we need to know a few things in today's post.
Let's get started

How does website visit come about?

Visitors come to our site through four.

1. Direct Visitors.
2. Visitors coming from search engine.
3. Visitors from social media.
4. Visitors from Referrals.
5. Visitors coming from email.

The above media are discussed in detail below.

1. Direct Visitors: This type of visitor is when someone enters the website with the address of our website. It is then called a direct visitor.

How to bring such a visitor?

First, let me tell you. The name of your web site should be easy to pronounce and pronounce. Name such a name. And direct ads will be displayed on the display to bring different types of ads. If you advertise online. Then you must advertise a larger size. And these ads like mobile and show. That's how you advertise. This is because many people have web browsers on their PC.

No ads can be seen for that. But on mobile, many ads can't be blocked. No one can block the ad. So keep this in mind when advertising.

You will be able to advertise. You will earn money from the website. Leave some money for advertising. There will be no fear of losing the visitor. For example, Grameenphone keeps advertising all year long. You can see many types of websites. Such websites advertise all year long. Such as - hostgutor, namecheap, bluhost etc.
The name of your website should always be in the public domain. Remember that the campaign is spreading. The more you promote, the better the visitor will get.

2. Visitors from search engine - There are different types of keywords to use for taking a visitor from search engine.
When people search the search engine with those keywords. Then your site posts will appear in search engine. And this is the way visitors will come to your site. You write even without any keywords. However, many keywords will still be in your writing.
This way visitors will come to your site.

3. Referral Visitors - Write a post with a link to your site and publish it on another site. Clicking the visitor on that link will take you to your site. And this is the referral visitor. Visitors will come to your site as much as you do this way.

4. Visitors from Social Media - Visits from social sites will come to your site by sharing the content of your website on social media. This way you will get good visitors from social media.

Let me say one more thing. The more visitors to your site will come. The more your site is ranked in the search engine. You can get many visitors to the website if you like but with social media and direct advertising.

But you have to spend money to do this. This is the best and best way to get a visitor. It is a lot of jamila to share links on other sites. So you can do this.

So, No More Today

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